Mike Arbogast Presentation

As a marketer, you must first understand that your job is not about you.  It is about what you can do to benefit your company.  Marketers are problem solvers.  Everyone comes from a unique circumstance.  However,  the ultimate goal that a client wants their marketer to obtain is a way to solve their problem.  How can they make more money? How can they bring in more customers in less of an amount of time?  What can you do to make them stress just a little less?

During this presentation, there was an activity that took place, in which made us all work together to solve an ultimate problem.  This activity taught us the importance of communication, paying attention to small details, learning how to view different perspectives, and ultimately teamwork.  This information and these lessons that we learned during this activity are going to help immensely when it comes to actually working in our teams in the upcoming future. We will be more knowledgeable and able to deal with our client and be able to provide the answers to the platforms and problems that they need to be solved.

I learned how important it was to do everything in your power to build a trust system between you and your client.  This will ensure proper, clear, and successful communication when it comes to the tasks at hand. This includes the client’s   goals, motives, and struggles, so you can better succeed in your duties as a marketer.   It is also very important to be accessible on both ends at all times.  Keep each other updated on how things are progressing, so that all ends are informed as to what has been done and what is in the plans to be done.

When working in a team it is important to know each team members capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.   This will help create a successful process; where large tasks are broken up into pieces to be completed in a timely and prosperous manner.  Mike Arbogast’s team had this process:

  1. Intake and Discovery Meeting
  2. Blueprint
  3. Web
  4. Content
  5. Design
  6. Video
  7. Social
  8. Integrated Everything
  9. Milestones
  10. Launch
  11. Gather data & analytics

Just one person would not be able to do this entire process better than an entire team full of different skills and strengths in different areas would.  Time is always of the essence and that why it’s so important to not only have a great team but also know what everyone has to offer.

Group of Multiethnic People Studying About Teamwork


The Consumer Decision Journey

the consumer decision journey

As a marketer, it is important to know your way around the specifics of the consumer.  From learning the latest trends all the way up to loyalty programs, coming up with marketing strategies is a process.  One of the most important things to understand when it comes to marketing to your consumers is the Consumer Decision Journey.  This journey starts by introducing your brand to consumers and developing a consideration mechanism for the buyers.  Next, in this process, the marketer must then understand that the consumer is actively evaluating your brand.  This is important to know so that the marketer can hit the consumer with the right information at the right time.  Furthermore, in this process, the consumer ultimately decides whether he/she wants to select your brand, which is also known as the moment of purchase.  Lastly, after the consumer purchases a product within your brand, they must decide whether and why to continue staying loyal to the markers specific brand.  This is the time when loyalty programs come into the picture.

Personally, I find the very first step in this process of initially catching your consumers eyes the most interesting.  I love the idea of making a brand interesting and eye catching enough to get a buyer to move further into the decision making process.  This is also the most important step in the consumer decision-making process because if your brand doesn’t initially interest the consumers, there is no hope for any possible purchase.  This is also the most important time for media planning.

Creating advertisements and media campaigns to capture the consumer’s interest and keep it is very important.  Today there are many creative tools and ideas used as a tactic to doing so.  Social media campaigns are a big hit, especially when an idea goes viral.  These campaigns are a way to reach a huge audience in a small amount of time this is great for the first step in the decision-making journey, and also the loyalty loop.  Media can be used to show the interesting and unique things your brand offers and continues to offer over time.  In a world that is transforming to be an electronic and online dependent society,  online media campaigns are most effective.

Over time, the world has changed from relying on simply visual campaigns to using a specific movement as an addition to what makes your brand great.  Such as, the company “Pura Vida” advertising that they will donate 20% of all profits to different charitable causes.  Check it out at https://www.puravidabracelets.com/.

pura vida

This kind of marketing not only gives the consumer an initiative to buy your product but also offers the marketer unique gateways to eye catching and influential advertising.

Overall the consumer decision-making process is important for the marketer to understand.  So they know specifics as to when and how to hit their consumers with the most influential type of advertising. Along with planning ahead to further keep the loyalty of the consumer. There is much more to marketing than just advertising, understanding the thought process of the consumer is the top priority to getting your brand known and purchased.